TEAM BUILDING ASSOCIATES, INTERNATIONAL is a group of skilled organizational development professionals, led by Harrison Snow,
who are committed to raising the performance of your organization to the next level.  For more than 22 years in 25 different countries our mission has
been to work with you to build teams, develop teamwork and leadership skills, empower employees, improve processes, resolve conflicts, enhance
decision making and inspire change.

THE STRATEGIC APPROACH                                         
  Teamwork in an organization does not just happen. It depends on the communication, teamwork
  and leadership skills of all employees. We will assess your needs and design a program specific to
  your unique requirements. Our approach is to improve strategic decision making  and 
  problem solving
 so that results and outcomes are strengthened at all levels. To do this we use the
  latest, cutting edge methodologies  to help you define your corporate strategy  and build
  international teams and leaders that work globally and virtually
across cultures, functions
  and time zones.  

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teambuilder@msn.com or call 703-241-2421or Skype: harrisonsnow

                   Our innovative programs for high-impact team building and organizational performance:

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                      Org Constellations                       Leadership Training                      The Strategic Approach  
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                               Facilitating Change - Dec 13 - Core Constellations Center               
              Healing the Past - Embracing your Future - Jan 25-26, 2014
       Take a Look at These Two Great Books for Trainers & Managers

                                                             by Harrison Snow
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