Harrison Snow’s latest book:
Confessions of a Corporate Shaman; Healing the Organizational Soul 

CONFESSIONS OF A CORPORATE SHAMAN: Healing the Organizational Soul by [Snow, Harrison]

“Confessions of a Corporate Shaman by Harrison Snow is essential reading for those wishing to face the world of work and management with an effective approach. Introducing the tool of systems constellation in an accessible way, this introduction to a broader perspective will support those who wish to take their management approach out of the dark ages. Case studies, encouragement, exercises for teams, facilitators, coaches, and administrators make this book a must read. In addition to having direct application to organizational consultation, this book has the capacity to accompany one in the area of personal growth. Harrison’s decades of international corporate consultation and experience as a facilitator of systems constellation serve both the book and the reader. Great read! “

Francesca Mason Boring,
Facilitator, Author: Family Systems Constellations and Other Systems
Constellation Adventures, A transformational journey


Author’s Note: This is a groundbreaking business book that introduces a radically new approach to organizational change and leadership development. The methodology offered in the book shows leaders how they can identify and transform the hidden obstacles to change. Some may consider the Corporate Shaman concepts a bit edgy and even slightly weird. However, I’ve been in this business enough years to remember practices like “mindfulness” now considered mainstream were thought to be too radical or strange when they were first introduced in the eighties and nineties. In five or ten years the concepts behind the Corporate Shaman approach will also find their place on the shelf of standard practices.


Tools for Team: The Manager’s Guide to Building High-Performance Teams
by Harrison Snow

“As a manager I find Harrison’s practical advice on how to make teams work very useful. What makes his book different, is that he invites us to look underneath the surface to understand why a relationship may not work as well as we wish, and encourages us to look deeper inside ourselves when we seek ways to make teams work better.”

Konrad Von Ritter
Sector Manager, World Bank

“Harrison brings a wealth of team building experience and ingenuity                    to this totally indispensable tool for managers.”

Peter B. Grazier, President

Author’s Note: Open up Tools For Teams and find the right tool to build your team.  From crafting a strategic vision and managing change to dealing with the nitty-gritty of interpersonal conflict and poor performance, it provides the full range of proven skills, techniques and programs that will develop trust, commitment, and results.  Tools For Teams offers 368 pages of team building models, experiences, activities, techniques, and programs that will turbo-charge your team’s performance. Because of its comprehensive approach, it was the course text for aspiring team leaders studying at Everglades University. There are imitators but my book is the original Tools for Teams.


Indoor/Outdoor Team Building Games for Trainers
by Harrison Snow

“This book is a wonderful collection of activities that will build and challenge your team. The book is spiral bound so it allows you to “take it with you” and use it wherever your team is. The activities are not just the typical version, they are challenging, exciting, and when used can help you establish a solid foundation. The book is easy to follow and does include some diverse games and activities. No two are alike.”

Reader’s Review




This collection of fun, physical activities from the world of adventure-based training gives trainers a complete team-building program–more than enough activities to put together a multiday schedule if desired. Included are warm-ups, trust builders, communication exercises, problem-solving activities, activities for more than one team, and closure sessions. Each exercise requires only simple props, such as rubber balls, blindfolds, and rope, and each is complete with learning objectives, equipment needs time goals, directions, and debriefing and safety guidelines. These same activities have provided successful team learning experiences for thousands of participants. Now all companies–small and large–can enjoy the benefits of adventure-based team building without leaving their own backyards!


The Power of Team Building Using Ropes Techniques
by Harrison Snow



 “the book is a useful reference for anyone who is involved with the
development of teams. The list of activities is quite good and for the
professional trainer, the book is an excellent wealth of information.”


  “Bought this used for a couple of bucks, Great!”






Author’s note: I got the inspiration to write this book when I started facilitating team building programs for corporate groups in the eighties. There was little published then about how to build teams using experiential learning.  From my own hands-on experience, I would see that this approach quickly led to a real-time change in the dynamics of a team around problem-solving and decision. It’s hard to imagine now but often people would look at me when I introduced the concept of teamwork and say something like, “Why work as a team? The boss is going to make all the decisions!”  So the book was about filling in that gap in knowledge about why and how to work as a team and the individual and collective skills that are needed.  The technology in the workplace has changed a lot in the last twenty plus years but the same teamwork skills are even more needed and necessary.